Jip Heijenga (Netherlands, 1993) graduated as a dancer from the Bachelor Dance Maker program at the ArtEZ School of Arts in Arnhem in 2014. After a year of professional dancing and choreography, she decided to pursue her other passion for film and documentary. In 2018, she graduated magna cum laude from LUCA School of Arts Narafi in Brussels. During her studies, she spent a semester at the School of Visual Arts in New York, where she discovered the similarities between choreography and filmmaking.
Jip Heijenga is the director of the acclaimed short documentary "Leonie, Skeet, and the Piglets." This heartwarming documentary has received wide recognition, with selections at international festivals such as SXSW: South by Southwest Film Festival, Dok Leipzig, Doc LA, and Chicago International Children's Film Festival. The film has also won awards at competitions including DOC LA and the Olympia International Film Festival for Children.
Collaboration is key in Jip's creative journey. Teaming up with the talented Fenna van der Goot, she co-founded Studio Bruis, a screenplay writing duo. Together, they create bold, disarming, and refreshing stories. With one foot in Belgium and the other in the Netherlands, they blend the best of both worlds: mysterious Flemish cinema with typical Dutch boldness. Currently, she is in the post-production phase of her fiction series DRIFT, which she has co-directed and co-written, and it will be available on STREAMZ this fall.