4×1 is a film project that consists of four 1-minute films portraying a sports talent, a high performance athlete, a Paralymic athlete and a sports coach, all from Rotterdam. 
 In the 1-minute films Kyarha van Tiel (figure skating), Adi Amit (dancing), Frank de Jong (wheelchair basketball) and Ton Dunk (boxing coach) share their passion with us. In these portraits the emphasis is not put on the goal; the match, but on the journey towards it; the training.

Teaser 4X1. Full version of one minutes on request.

Director - Jip Heijenga 
Editors - Jip Heijenga & Jaime Levinas 
Director of Photography - Jelle Dijkstra 
Sound - Edwin Roes 
Text - Fenna van der Goot 
Music - Jimmi Jo Hueting 
Audio post - Edwin Roes 
Grading- Gwyn Evans 
Associate Producers - Jelle Kloosterman, Angela Kollau, Gert-Jan Lammens & Boris van der Vorst 
Producers - Jamillah van der Hulst & Conrad Alleblas

Sales by JaJa Film Productions - http://jajafilmproductions.com/contact/
- AD Rotterdam Sport Film Festival (World premiere) 2017
- World Cinema Week Korea (Sport Film Festival Korea) 2017
- Galway One Minute Film Festival 2017
- Special Screening during the Galway Cultural Night 2017
- International Exhibition of Super Short Films in the USA 2018
Behind the scene's of one minute of Kyarha with Jelle Dijkstra and Jip Heijenga